"Connect The Dots" June 11, 2021

A place to discuss the weekly Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Contest, starting every Thursday around 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Please do not post any answers or hints before the contest deadline which is midnight Sunday Eastern time.
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Al Sisti
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Post by Al Sisti »

Vacationing in Maine - not a particularly good puzzle to not have access to a printer. Still, done and ashore... and I could probably choke down one more Guinness...
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Post by RDaleHall »

On the shore with a really enjoyable swim to get there. At least a 47D if not higher on the creativity in construction. Ready for the weekend!
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Post by JeanneC »

Grid done. But I must be overthinking this. I have my meta solution. It makes sense, but it doesn’t have that “Aha” feel. Five letter noun, eh? Hmmm…🤔
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Post by whimsy »

Bird Lives wrote: Thu Jun 10, 2021 5:22 pm It doesn't seem quite right that a puzzle that has an original idea/mechanism (at least I haven't seen it before) and that was probably a bit difficult to compose should have be so easy for solvers.
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Post by mbryant »

On shore after getting only half way home last week.
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Post by SReh26 »


another round, please Isaac.


(do our less senior muggles know the LB references? who Isaac is, etc.? if not, perhaps one more reason to 😢, but for them or for us - Im not sure)
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Post by ADS »

I'm ashore - not sure I even get home from work in time to be on page 1. Oh well, I'll take page 5 or 6 or whatever. :)
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Tom Shea
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Post by Tom Shea »

Hello Isaac, my old friend.
I've come to drink with you again.
Rufus T. Firefly
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Post by eagle1279 »

Wow, on shore in record time for me. A cold Newcastle Brown Ale will be my reward.

Now I can get back to checklists for next week’s trip to Gatlinburg to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our honeymoon there.
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Post by ReB »

On shore - I expect a crowded beach this weekend. Good thing I've got my lodging locked up early.

One of the rare time I figured out the path well before finishing the grid, no rabbit holes, just a straight shot the whole way. Doesn't happen very often.
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Post by escapeartist »

On the beach - I think.
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Post by SamanthaA »

Happy to be on shore after being lost at sea last week.
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Post by meowmiao71 »

On shore. Clever!
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Post by EVJ »

AT SEA. On the bar stool with Isaac. A nightcap is in order. I see some things. Lots of things!! Based on the comments I’m going to try to keep it simple. Fresh eyes after a good night’s sleep sounds like just the thing. 😴
Night night.
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Post by shalmanezer »

Ashore. And I'll buy a round for anyone who swims ashore this week without a printed copy.
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dk letter
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Post by dk letter »

On shore! Mike's genius continues to impress!
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Post by EmilyW »

Ashore after a fun swim. Drinking a Take 10 by Perennial which is an imperial stout with pretzels, chocolate, caramel and peanut butter. Would have been more appropriate for the "Bit Parts" meta.
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Post by Joepickett »

Ashore. My kind of puzzle....Easy. Thanks Mike!
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Post by hoover »

Solved. Nice to have an easy one every now and then.
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Post by joequavis »

Count me ashore. Definitely a tough grid, meta not so much.
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