"Bit Parts" - May 7, 2021

A place to discuss the weekly Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Contest, starting every Thursday around 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Please do not post any answers or hints before the contest deadline which is midnight Sunday Eastern time.
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Bob cruise director
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"Bit Parts" - May 7, 2021


Post by Bob cruise director »

This week's contest is title "Bit Parts" by Matt Gaffney

The answer to this week's contest is a two-word candy brand

Good luck with the grid and the meta

20210507 WSJCC — Bit Parts — Excel form
Bob Stevens
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Joe Ross
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Post by Joe Ross »

Ashore. Wow. Almost felt a breeze on the way in.

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Al Sisti
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Post by Al Sisti »

Toes in the sand (and thankful for a warm, albeit virtual, beach… we’re looking at a high of 55 for the next week or so); Guinness me please!
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Post by C=64 »

Got it.

Edit: I have to admit that this was not a clean kill. I used Google for something, then confused myself with something else, then had the "aha" moment but this all happened in the span of 3 minutes.
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Post by mheberlingx100 »

On shore. It's Miller Time!!
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Post by KayW »

:desert_island: :tropical_drink: Onshore. Oh joy, now I can go back to :shock: :shock: :shock: at MMMM.
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Post by DBMiller »

Done and done
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Post by minimuggle »

Wow that was quick. Done and done.... right up my alley
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Post by BarbaraK »

Onshore. Very clever!
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Post by MatthewL »

Ashore. Quite clever. G&T for me, please.

Edited to add: Woo -- only my second Page 1 ever.
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Post by sanmilton »

Glad to be ashore! I'm planning on having a little bit of gin soon!
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Post by BethA »

On the beach! 🏖 🍹 with a pomegranate margarita saved from the Cinco de Mayo batch.

Enjoyed the puzzle!
Tom Wilson
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Post by Tom Wilson »

I liked that one. Count me ashore, please, with a day late/dollar short Cinco de Mayo margarita. (With apologies for echoing Beth in our near-simultaneous posts.)
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Post by joequavis »

On shore. Very cute
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Andrew Bradburn
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Post by Andrew Bradburn »

Clever, and a breeze, at least compared to some other Gaffney's. Now luxuriating in the tropical breeze on the beach.
Homer Buckle
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Post by Homer Buckle »

Fun puzzle, safely ashore! But my Minnesota Twins stink.
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Post by michaelm »

On shore.
Happy Muggle Mother's Day!
Dave C
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Post by Dave C »

On shore
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Post by sharkicicles »

Got it.
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Post by BrennerTJ »

Done also.