"Chemical Change" - February 26, 2021

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This for me is a new experience. I'm easily on shore (as reported earlier), but flummoxed by the 45A 45D 52A 62A grid entries. Just can't resolve them into anything convincingly sensible. "We didn't watch much TV" (as I once reported without realizing how close it came to being a spoiler -- did not get that one) and so "Knight Rider" is just a pair of words. Would be trivial with Google, but that's not satisfying. Suspect that this week I'll be waiting at 9PM PST Sunday not for the meta answer but for the answer to the grid.
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On the beach (actually, was on the beach yesterday).

Gave this to my assistant at work, who has a relevant engineering degree, said "you'll like this".

He solved his first meta!
"Lots of planets have a North", the Ninth Doctor.
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dk letter
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Ashore... another fast swim. I predict March waters will be choppier!
Michelle B
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I've enjoyed these weekends at the beach party. You guys are fun! Hope I can make it ashore next week too.
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Made it ashore finally.
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On the beach. Tried to make this one more difficult than it actually was.
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Confound it! Knew this would happen this month. Brain cramp won't let me escape this rabbit hole:
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Hidden in 3D
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LadyBird wrote: Thu Feb 25, 2021 4:26 pm On shore!

Woo-HOO! I have lanDED on shore after eMERGing from the icy waters. I saw the mechanism for the ANSwer partway through the grid and quickly got to work. Careful as you come ashore--I fear that the record crowds over the past few weeks might be leading to some beach ERosion and the footing is a little unsteady. I'll have a flashback to college days and have a hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.
I always look forward to "hoodie" visits! They usually fly in for a day or two to dive and feast on all the small fish and crayfish in the lake (which is teeming with fish of all sizes because there are no boats, fishing or swimming allowed). I was happy to see (and report) three on the first day of the GBBC.
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Ashore with the crowd.
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I’m ashore as well. Nice simple one.
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Toes in the sand
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Post by sphorning »

On shore after seeing the whole picture. Thanks Cruise Director!
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Commodore wrote: Sun Feb 28, 2021 8:01 am Confound it! Knew this would happen this month. Brain cramp won't let me escape this rabbit hole:
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Commodore, how clever!! Some new Muggle rabbit holes to dive into...
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Billy M
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On the shore after a nudge from our kindly cruise director. Make mine a mimosa since it's noon on a Sunday
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Bob cruise director
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Good Sunday morning muggles and welcome to our newest member - Michelle B

We have 224 on shore and have a shot at the record of 250 last week (one staggered in after midnight having been on the beach but it took a while to sober up to claim credit)

Making it to shore since yesterday are

Scott L
Cap'n Rick
dk letter
Michelle B
Ed S
Billy M

Good luck to all. Low odds of winning the mug but someone has to.
Bob Stevens
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Post by rosiegirl »

On shore after a little push from our leader!
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Scraps wrote: Thu Feb 25, 2021 10:52 pm
Tom Shea wrote: Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:30 pm
Our excitement (other than the wreck) was an unexpected visitor on our boat when we surfaced. There were two boats diving there and the other guys had a less than experienced guy who panicked, made an uncontrolled ascent, AND held his breath. Not a pretty sight, but he survived. Not really coherent when he surfaced and spit a little blood. Our boat was closest to him and picked him up. First time I'd heard an emergency recall beacon sounding under water. I can do without hearing it again. To add to the intrigue, I found out why my shop switched me to a different boat for this dive. The original boat sank last weekend. Salvageable, but needs some work. It was full returning to the harbor and took on water. Glad I wasn't on that one either!

My friend is coming in a couple of weeks to get his advanced open water cert, so I'll be back to the sea tiger when they check him out. Going to do the YO-257(?) the same day. Getting up early is rough for me, but the increased quality of the deep dives here makes it worth the trouble. And it sure beats work.

According to my log, Sea Tiger was a 107-foot dive. He's lucky to be alive after that uncontrolled breath-holding ascent. Glad he survived.

Normally, unexpected visitors on the boat are a source of light humor. I've never seen it paid off, but it's often joked about among dive masters that if one of your divers ascends the wrong line and ends up on the wrong boat, you owe the crew of that boat a case of beer. But your situation was not a joke.

We don't have many deep sites in my part of Florida. I'm taking a group on a three-tank dive to two wrecks this weekend: twenty miles offshore, and it's still less than 100'.
Twenty miles offshore in my part of Florida the gulf is only about 20’ deep (about 40 miles north of St. Pete). The only gulf diving I’ve done is offshore of Venice looking for megalodon teeth. It was a 20’ dive, but only half-mile offshore. I much prefer diving springs and sinkholes over diving the gulf in this area.
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On shore, wondering if March's meta puzzle will roar in like a lion next week. Have to say that Feb metas were all lamb.