"Poetic Justice" - February 5, 2021

A place to discuss the weekly Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Contest, starting every Thursday around 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Please do not post any answers or hints before the contest deadline which is midnight Sunday Eastern time.
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BarbaraK wrote: Mon Feb 08, 2021 8:56 pm
MikeMillerwsj wrote: Mon Feb 08, 2021 7:15 pm Greetings--as you may have seen in my colleague Taylor's post above, our February contests are going to be tailored to beginners (spread the word!), so that they can serve as our curriculum for a forthcoming guide to solving metas. The result: we blew past all our previous records, with 3762 submissions. About 76% were correct, right in line with our typical level. We take this as proof that the addressable market for metas is much bigger than we'd been reaching--we just need to build the right on-ramp. And for you seasoned Muggles, don't worry, things will get spicier in March. Meanwhile we had almost Pageant levels of guesses for JUDGE alone, with 849! Plus several other flavors of judges (Juvenile, Circuit, Small Claims, et al.)

Congrats to this week's winner who beat the longest odds yet: Peter Covert of Stanford, Calif.!

I still wonder how many people are out there who solve regularly but don't bother to submit. I can imagine lots wouldn't want to risk getting on some junk mail list (because who really trusts businesses to not sell their data) just for a small chance to win a mug.

Maybe you should offer a really really big prize sometime and see what happens :)
Or any like me, solving the grid for years before figuring out WHY the Friday puzzle was called the Contest Puzzle! Because I only purchased the Friday and Saturday papers, I hadn't read the puzzle solution in a Monday's paper. When I finally switched to a 6 day subscription, I finally saw the light (and how much fun I had been missing)!