"Poetic Justice" - February 5, 2021

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Post by LadyBird »

All ready for Superb Owl Sunday. A quick Google search for recipes this morning brought up these cheese biscuits.
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Post by Roberta »

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Post by JeanneC »

LadyBird wrote: Sun Feb 07, 2021 2:40 pm All ready for Superb Owl Sunday. A quick Google search for recipes this morning brought up these cheese biscuits.

Looks yummy. Hubby making PF Chang style chicken stuffed lettuce wraps! (Hey, I cleaned the house!) I’m in such a good food mood I am willing to admit I just got the Superb owl reference. 🤦‍♀️
“I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions”. Lillian Hellman
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Post by sphorning »

Trying to find a spot on the crowded beach! :)
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Post by Inca »

For the statistics, I've solved this meta
(WAsn't sure if I posted or not)
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Post by hcbirker »

I guess everyone is watching the Superb Owl. I guess I don’t give a hoot. ( Except for that great episode of “What We Do In the Shadows).
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Post by SewYoung »

hcbirker wrote: Sun Feb 07, 2021 8:39 pm I guess everyone is watching the Superb Owl. I guess I don’t give a hoot. ( Except for that great episode of “What We Do In the Shadows).
Not watching it now. Have never watched it.
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Post by rexthree »

made it to shore with what looks to be a record crowd.
first time i had to do a puzzle one handed since i just had shoulder surgery - felt like one of LadyBird's feathered friends pecking at my laptop keyboard!
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Post by Rad26 »

With the crowd in the beach. Pleasant diversion during unpleasant game. But did like the weekend.
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Bob cruise director
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Post by Bob cruise director »

Our final record count is 233 on the shore
Bob Stevens
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Post by Tom Shea »

I'm locking the bar up and paddleboarding to shore.

I left the key under the mat.
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Post by DrTom »

Well, the Super Bowl was as one sided as the (supposed) META answer, but gosh I liked the puzzle more. I mean I am glad that a Florida team won, and glad that an old player won (here I stifle a snicker as I hear the commentators wax poetic about this 43 YO dinosaur - I literally have shoes older than that) but I was probably looking for a basketball-like score where the last team with the ball marches down the field with 1 second to spare and kicks the field goal to make it 73-70. Well, maybe next year. Gotta hand it to Brady, but my goodness Patrick Mahomes is a talented young man and I'll bet a force to reckon with in years to come.

If nothing else I had an excuse to eat food I should not and drink more wine than was necessary - so a win after all.

See everyone at the bar (and hopefully on Tuesday evening)
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Post by FrankH »

There was talk about PAGEANT. Is it possible, even when we have been told this is a simple puzzle to solve? Here are the similarities between the two:
1. Both are Mike Shenk puzzles.
2. Both occurred before an important football weekend.
3. Somewhat vague or open-ended instruction to the meta answer (nothing specific like asking for a 6-letter word).

It is this last point that makes a PAGEANT possible because all you need to do is to happen upon a plausible answer that is even simpler than the expected one. And at least one MUGgle has mentioned that it may exist.

But why PAGEANT is infamous is that it hoodwinked a vast majority of the entrants. While there may be a number of submissions to some other possible answer this time, I seriously doubt that so many people can be fooled again.
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Post by Joe Ross »

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Post by Eric Porter »

After coming up with the answer, I tried to create more poetry à la Mike Shenk, but the best I could do was a Style Kludge.

Yes, I know it doesn't rhyme.
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Post by JRS51 »

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Post by ajk »

Curious as to what else people thought it could be, except maybe to miss the 'TRIAL' bit?
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Post by BethA »

When the landlord picks a bad color for the bathroom squares — I hold a tile grudge!
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Post by LaurenB »

Yay! It’s my first correct answer!
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Post by Franklin.Bluth »

Other potential theme clues:

1. "Give that stack a little push"
2. "A bit of a slog"
3. "Polo vs. Klein"