"The Party Starts at 10" - December 31, 2020

A place to discuss the weekly Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Contest, starting every Thursday around 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Please do not post any answers or hints before the contest deadline which is midnight Sunday Eastern time.
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"The Party Starts at 10" - December 31, 2020


Post by BrianMac »

By Matt Gaffney.

The answer to the contest is a four-word phrase you might hear tonight.

Good luck with the puzzle and the contest. I hope you all have a safe celebration and a happy and healthy 2021!
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Bird Lives
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Post by Bird Lives »

Each year at around this time, The New Yorker magazine publishes a bit of verse, “Greetings, Friends,” which is basically a long exercise in dropping names – some that you know, many that you don’t but think that you would if you were at all up to speed with the news, science, the arts, etc. You can find this year’s version here. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020 ... stmas-poem

So I have put together a bit of doggerel with names that should be more familiar, at least to visitors to xword-muggles.com.

Greetongs s.png
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Post by Al Sisti »

Toes in the sand… I’ll have a Guinness please! (Love the poem!!)
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Post by MikeM000 »

Am I first to say I made it ashore?

Edit: Nope! Shouldn't have looked at the New Yorker thing a couple posts up.

But that jogged a memory - I don't know if he still does this, but Will Shortz would be on NPR's weekend edition news and have a weekly puzzle. On the first weekend of the year, he'd give the contestant a list of about 10 names of people who were briefly prominent in the just-ended year and see how many they could remember who they were.

Who would be on this year's?

Joseph Maldonado-Passage
Melissa Carone
Randy Arozarena
Marie Yovanovitch
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Post by Dannyvee »

On the beach!
I deny Evan screwed up. (8)
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Post by KayW »

Onshore. I can't possibly compete with Jay's fabulous verse and wishes - Bravo!!!

So I'll just add a non-spoilery four-word phrase of my own:

Happy New Year, Muggles!
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Post by jrdad »

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Happy New Year everybody!
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Post by Joe Ross »

Toes in the sand, ashore, on shore, on the beach!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, muggles!
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Post by Jace54 »

On shore, plus I just set a personal record of 10 consecutive meta solves! Had streaks of 9 and 8 broken earlier this year, so I was happy and relieved when I got this one!
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Post by stmv »

I'm on the beach, though I'm not sure I totally understand (yet) how I got here
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Post by mheberlingx100 »

On shore. It's a bit chilly, so Irish coffee will be the drink of choice.
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Post by hcbirker »

On shore! Have a safe holiday everyone!
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Post by whimsy »

Gift my kids sent me -- as well as a word of warning ---
(Anyone read his Thursday Next series -- lots of fun if you like books, and words, and noir detective fiction, and British tea cozy fiction, and alternative history, and lots of other bizarre stuff!)

On to the puzzle --
Happy New Year All!
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Post by Jim and Anita »

Ashore. Wishing everyone a very happy new year!
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Post by BethA »

On the beach! 🏖 🍹 <— nog with Myers’s rum

Enjoyed it!

Dan’s Gators are in the Cotton Bowl tonight. I think he’ll be on the beach by then! And my Bearcats are in the Peach Bowl on Friday! Was hoping they’d play against each other again!!
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Post by ky-mike »

Pretty certain I have it.

Bonne Année
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Post by mattythewsjpuzzler »

Page one??! Safely ashore. Happy new year all!
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Post by bskptkl »

Got it.
Happy New Year all!