"Take Five" - October 15, 2021

A place to discuss the weekly Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Contest, starting every Thursday around 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Please do not post any answers or hints before the contest deadline which is midnight Sunday Eastern time.
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Bob cruise director
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"Take Five" - October 15, 2021


Post by Bob cruise director »

this week's contest is titled " " by Patrick Berry

The answer to this week's contest is a four letter word

Good luck with the grid and the meta

WSJCC - Take Five - Excel
Bob Stevens
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Post by docison »

Ashore. Very creative imo.
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Post by MajordomoTom »

Page one!!!!!

I'm pretty much always a fan of Patrick's puzzles, when I have the time to do them. Rows Gardens in particular are great, but they take a little while.

On the beach, the correct beach this week, 100%.
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Post by Cindy »

Laura M
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Post by Laura M »

On shore! Loved seeing one from Patrick Berry!
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Post by TeaJenny »


Woohoo! Page 1!
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Wendy Walker
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Post by Wendy Walker »

Love me some Patrick Berry! A tricky one!
Oh, BTW, I had dinner with my nephew last night and he concurs with Will P that "no one" in academia says "essay test" anymore.
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Good luck, fellow Muggles! I'm happy to give nudges, but only if you're still stuck on Sunday. Just send me a PM and tell me what you've tried so far.
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Post by Conrad »

I am on shore.
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Post by rjy »

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Post by Joe »

Got it! A little trickier than the past few weeks. Nice one!
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Post by Meg »

On the beach! The cabana boy says free drinks for everybody until the sun goes down. Cheers!
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Post by zach »

I am ashore!

This was an absolutely remarkable puzzle. Bravo, Patrick!
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Post by architect »

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Post by MDM »

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Post by Jace54 »

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Post by KayW »

:desert_island: :tropical_drink: On shore.
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Post by Tina »

On shore! A worthy challenge from Patrick Berry. Nice aha moment(s)!
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Post by Georgeall »

Good one from Patrick Berry.... I'm ashore!
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Post by stmv »

On shore. It took me way too long to see what was going on here, but a satisfying click once I got there.
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Post by mlvilv »

solved!!!!! I have to say I'm super proud to be on shore with this one. It was tricky. I'll take a margarita with salt please :)
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