"Please Find Enclosed" - July 2, 2021

A place to discuss the weekly Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Contest, starting every Thursday around 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Please do not post any answers or hints before the contest deadline which is midnight Sunday Eastern time.
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P1h3r1e3d13 wrote: Tue Jul 06, 2021 2:19 am Oh, I was so close to doing this all on my own! Grid was a cinch, and then I got as close as the answer substrings outside the foods: NUTM EEK S LING HAL AY ONS GLER AH EO. And I knew from Pardon My English that I was looking for 10 letters, but couldn't quite make those ends meet.
Exact same here. This meta was two-star easy...once you figured out the mechanism. Figuring out the mechanism, that's the five-star part.
For nudges, feel free to PM me. I won't have a clue how to help you, but you just might shove me ashore.
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Greetings--a brief belated report on a holiday week. A strong turnout for a clever contest that (in our view) was a bit harder than average but drew an impressive accuracy rate: 1744 responses, about 75% correct (right around our weekly average). Lots of near misses circling around the nut of the matter: CRACKING THE SHELL (20), CRACKING IT (7), CRACKING THE CODE (5), CRACKING UP (2), and several others along those lines.

Congrats to this week's winner: Bill Hughes of Valencia, Calif. Happy July!
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Thank god it’s Wednesday! 😅
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