"A Sail of Two Cities" - June 18, 2021

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A few clarifications and some guidance for the Q&A with Matt Gaffney on June 29

1) I do not know how many people will be attending. The Zoom system can handle 300 users. However I want to make sure that Matt Gaffney, Mike Shenk and Mike Miller are among the 300.
2) You do not have to download anything from Zoom to participate however if you download the free Zoom app it seems to work better. Zoom works on all platforms.
3) I will be opening the Zoom site at 7:20 pm EDT.
4) My preference is to have everyone enable your video so we can see you but this is not mandatory
5) My preference is to have everyone give their real name and their blog name on the screen. To change your name in the upper right hand corner of your picture when you are on line, there is a little blue box with three dots. In that box you can change your name.
6) When you come in, I will have you muted. If you are not muted, please mute yourself.
7) I will be recording our session when we start so you will get a box that pops up to tell you that it is being recorded and you have to confirm that.
8) The day after the Q&A, I will be posting a link to the recording on my Dropbox account. You may have to download the recording to play it. I don’t know. The recording will typically use up about 600 Mbytes of memory if you download.
9) At the beginning I will introduce Matt and he may make some comments and then we will start the Q&A
10) To ask a question, we will do it three ways. Zoom has a feature where you can electronically raise your hand or you can ask a question in the chat or you can send me a question via a PM beforehand. I will explain electronically raising your hand and the chat below. I will be alternating between the three question methods.
11) A typical Zoom computer screen shows 25 participants. Other platforms show either smaller pictures or fewer pictures. The rest are not shown but you can scroll to them.
12) The “Raise your hand” feature (on a PC, I am not sure about phones or tablets), is under “Reactions” which is at the bottom of the screen WHEN YOU MOVE YOUR CURSOR TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR SCREEN. When you electronically raise your hand, you go to the first screen at the upper right on my host screen. That way, I know who has raised your hand. Waving your hand on your camera will not work as unless you are among the 25 on my screen, I won’t be able to see you.
13) When I call on you to ask your question, YOU WILL HAVE TO UNMUTE YOURSELF.
14) The Chat box is also at the bottom of the screen. When you click on it a window will open and you can type your question. You can either send your question to “everyone” or only to me.
15) Matt has sent a meta from 2010 for us to solve and we can use to talk about. To get to the meta, start at the Board Index, go to Come Aboard, then to FAQs-Community/Solving Resources and go to posting #19. The meta is downloadable in either pdf or puz formats. This meta is both for our enjoyment and a learning experience. So we won’t post any spoilers until after Friday (Saturday 12 am) and then we will open it up to comments.
16) We have two hours for the Q&A. If we don’t get to your question, put it in a PM to me and I will consolidate them and forward them to Matt.
17) If you are uncertain about Zoom and want a test run, please, please, contact me and we can set up a one on one training session.
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Thank god it‘s Thursday!
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I figured out that the cities were on the same body of water and thought maybe 'water' was the answer but it didn't seem right. I missed the part about the 3-letter answers. Anywho, I was on vacation with limited internet access so no harm done. Best luck to all this week.
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mntlblok wrote: Mon Jun 21, 2021 6:45 pm
hcbirker wrote: Mon Jun 21, 2021 10:00 am And did anyone else research types and names of sails? That took me down some interesting holes.
We actually saw some big, ocean racing boats heading south off the coast a few weeks back. Nautical daughter - who is currently sewing sails in Wilmington, NC - informed me that the huge, front sails on them that seemed a cross (to me) of a spinnaker and a jib, was, in fact, a GENOA. :-)
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otlaolap wrote: Fri Jun 18, 2021 7:42 pm
Annabelle wrote: Fri Jun 18, 2021 5:41 pm Still on the boat, [spoiler redacted]? Only need five letters for the meta, [spoiler redacted], please bring me a Jamison's neat for some inspiration.
In Post 41 this week I wrote "On Shore" followed by a one-sentence attempt at casual humor regarding this status. Sixty or so seconds later It hit me that my casual comment contained -- gasp! gasp! gasp! -- a completely inadvertent spoiler (or two?) and luckily I was able immediately to delete the added comment. I think one person may have seen it (since someone "liked" it and there is nothing in "On Shore" worth a like). It would be interesting on Monday to see what was redacted from your post.
Sorry for the late reply. I think I said the boat might be sailing to a city, then said there were too many cities and too many numbers. Cities was in the title and the numbers were there to see in the clues, so I didn't think I was giving anything away. Never did get it, sigh.