"Pardon My English" - June 4, 2021

A place to discuss the weekly Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Contest, starting every Thursday around 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Please do not post any answers or hints before the contest deadline which is midnight Sunday Eastern time.
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Bob cruise director
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"Pardon My English" - June 4, 2021


Post by Bob cruise director »

This week's contest is titled "Pardon My English" by Matt Gaffney

The answer to this week's contest is a two-word phrase.

Good luck with the meta and the grid.

Regarding the Q&A with the aforementioned Mr. Gaffney on June 29 at 7:30 pm Eastern time, I have added some details in the topic under Come Aboard. The link will be posted in two weeks

20210604 WSJCC — Pardon My English — Excel form
Bob Stevens
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Wendy Walker
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Post by Wendy Walker »

Good luck, fellow Muggles! I'm happy to give nudges, but only if you're still stuck on Sunday. Just send me a PM and tell me what you've tried so far.
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Post by KayW »

:desert_island: :tropical_drink: Onshore.
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Post by stmv »

On shore, even though I'm still backsolving one of the pieces....

Edited to add: I was desperate to get onto the first page; my claim of solving above is correct, and now I figured out that missing piece, so I'm 100% sure. This one made me sweat a bit, and it has the even-more-dreaded pairs of numbers in parentheses.
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Post by ajk »

On shore, remembering the real maitais of last weekend. Sniff.
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Post by Meg »

On the beach. Nice to be on page one! Sipping my margarita.
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Post by Conrad »

I am onshore
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Post by sanmilton »

I believe I have the answer. OK, I'm 75% sure, but I've submitted it!

Update at 5:06: 100% sure now! And, it's 'Tini Time!
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Post by oldjudge »

Guinness me. As usual, a great puzzle by Matt.
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Post by markhr »

On shore. Nice construction here.
Now back to the current MEOW, whose final step has so far eluded me.
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Eric Porter
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Post by Eric Porter »

On shore. An enjoyable puzzle from Matt.
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Post by Cindy »

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Post by Al Sisti »

Basking on the beach. Why yes, I’d love a Guinness! Ahhhhhh… Hello darkness, my old friend.
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Joe Ross
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Post by Joe Ross »


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Post by RobM »

On the beach. Very good puzzle this week!
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Post by Jace54 »

Made it to shore with some difficulty! A very satisfying solve.
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Post by ChrisKochmanski »


Guinness? Negroni? No ... I’m thinking ...

Methode champenoise!
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Beth Tyrpin
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Post by Beth Tyrpin »

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Bird Lives
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Post by Bird Lives »

Ashore. but am I on P. 1?
I think I had the same problem that San (not Sam) Milton (not Hamilton) had finding the last 25%.
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Post by PatentlyGator »

Joe Ross wrote: Thu Jun 03, 2021 5:06 pm Ashore.

Still swimming in circles. Curious to which beach this is? Thank you.