"Cooking By The Numbers" May 28, 2021

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Bob cruise director
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"Cooking By The Numbers" May 28, 2021


Post by Bob cruise director »

This week's puzzle is titles "Cooking By The Numbers" by Mike Shenk

The answer to this week's contest crossword is an ingredient used by cooks.

Note: No Monday crossword for Memorial Day, May 31. The solution to this contest crossword will be published with the Tuesday crossword at 4:01 p.m. EST on Monday, May 31.

I will post this multiple times this weekend but starting next Tuesday we will be using our muggle zoom account for access to the get-togethers. All the information is posted under a new topic under Come Aboard.

20210528 WSJCC — Cooking by the Numbers — Excel form
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Bob Stevens
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Post by KayW »

:desert_island: :tropical_drink: Onshore.

It looks like the Al 'Gebra gang has been COOKING BY THE NUMBERS.
I heard that the local law enforcement played an integral part in preventing derivatives of the drugs from hitting the streets and also found several weapons of math destruction.

I think police laid a trap-azoid for them. Plus I see graph paper. They must be plotting something.
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Al Sisti
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Post by Al Sisti »

Safely on terra foima (if I didn't pull the trigger too quickly). Might I have a Guinness please?
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Wendy Walker
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Post by Wendy Walker »

Hi, Kay and Al! I'm on shore, too! You might not recognize me; got my first post-pandemic haircut today.
Good luck, fellow Muggles! I'm happy to give nudges, but only if you're still stuck on Sunday. Just send me a PM and tell me what you've tried so far.
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Post by C=64 »


Took the last two weeks off (didn't solve two weeks ago, solved last week's in 15 minutes but after the deadline).
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Post by spotter »

On shore!
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Post by Jace54 »

On shore, good one!
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Post by Joe »

Honestly, it was so nice to get a, FOR ME, super easy one after weeks of struggle. I am on the freaking beach. And I'm thirsty. I'll have whatever y'all are having.
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Post by oldjudge »

Guinness me
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Post by paige11 »

Haven't posted in a while (though I have been solving). Happy to be on shore early today!
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Beth Tyrpin
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Post by Beth Tyrpin »

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Post by Franklin.Bluth »

Ashore!! First time on page 1!!

EDIT: I'm 100% certain on this one...last week I discovered an "answer" that ended up being totally wrong but worked out in the grid (i.e. not a wild guess). The week before I totally whiffed, for the first time since before Christmas. So it feels good to be back.

This puzzle really appealed to how my brain works.
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Post by BrennerTJ »

Ashore :)
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Post by markhr »

On shore with a fairly easy one. Guinness, please.
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Post by CallMeShane »

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Post by Dannyvee »

Ashore! Tricky one!
I deny Evan screwed up. (8)
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Post by ChrisKochmanski »


Hey, the diet seems to working (down a notch and a half on the belt), so I think I'll pass on the stronger libations for now. (Just an iced tea, please.)

Next week, we'll be most days with the kids, so I'm counting on the G&Ts, rose(accent aigu)s, Bell's you-name-its, Negronis, Boulevardiers, bubblies, Guinnesses, etc., etc., etc. to flow!
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Post by jrdad »

Ashore! Fun one.
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Post by sharkicicles »

Wow, that is some impressive construction. On shore.
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Post by Larrry »

First page 3 weeks in a row? Cant be.

I would say that last week i was in the California trap.

I am also impressed by this weeks construction, and I think it is harder than average.
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