"Look to the Sky" - June 6, 2021

Available by emailing a request to PandorasBlocksWMC[at]gmail[dot]com, these meta puzzles are distributed by email every Sunday. Pandora's Blocks crosswords are intended to spread the popularity of meta crosswords, however, they are not just for beginners and run the gamut it terms of difficulty.
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"Look to the Sky" - June 6, 2021


Post by hashbrown »

As always, post content from Will's mailing list over at:
Pandora's Blocks Weekly Meta Crossword pandorasblockswmc@gmail.com

This week's puzzle: Look to the Sky
Complexity Scale™ rating of 6 / 10.

A bit tougher! But hopefully fewer rabbit holes!

The answer to this week's meta is what the top right square in this grid represents.

(You may or may not need Google. This one's a toss-up).

Crosshare link: https://crosshare.org/crosswords/Ys0qKvAnm5RjHIpOU3uL
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Post by hazmat »

This one is super fun! A must-do for this week!
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Post by Schmeel »

Dino me.
Enjoyable puzzle - thanks Will.
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Post by RPardoe »

Done and dusted.
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Post by KayW »

:sauropod: submitted - Nice one!
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Post by BrennerTJ »

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Post by Hector »

Far out, man; nice one!
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Post by Meg »

Still waiting for confirmation. If I’m right, pretty cool!
Edit: finally got confirmation that my answer is correct. Clearly, Will has a busier social life than I do. Playing ultimate frisbee maybe? Who knows? I hope he’s outside enjoying friends!
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Post by boharr »

Cat is out of the bag. Clever.

EDIT: Confirmed.
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Post by oldjudge »

Dino me(I think)🦕. Another great puzzle by Will!
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Post by C=64 »


Not obvious at first glance, but the first thing I tried worked!
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Post by HeadinHome »

I believe I have it! I don’t know if there’s a slam dunk confirmation I’m missing, but the way the prompt is worded and some to the other clues lead me to believe this is it.

Will add T-Rex status when confirmed.

Update: T-Rex 🦖, emotionally wounded by oldjudge’s comment of rejection, has left the building. But 🦕 is definitely here, relieved to be free of predator.

Agree this was a fun one, and unusual!
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The other Wendy. :roll:
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Post by oldjudge »

LOL, no T-Rex: 🦖 eat 🦕
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Post by hcbirker »

Out of the box! Thanks Will!
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Post by ChrisKochmanski »

Dino me!

Awaiting confirmation. Hope I’m correct. If not, it was fun being wrong!
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Post by joequavis »

Dino me! I think this one's a no-doubter.

Fantastic construction, Will. Bravo!
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Post by MamaE »

Well, I finished this one with @oldjudge having to practically drag me over the finish line. Won't submit my answer - but cute and clever mechanism (which I didn't grokk on my own sadly).
- Just puzzling it out here in Delmarva :D
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Post by Anita »

Grid filled, something interesting observed. No idea what to do with it, as usual.
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Post by Doc »

Dino me, I think. Just waiting on confirmation from Will. If I'm correct, this is an incredible construction.

EDIT - Submitted my answer through the website and confirmed correct...great puzzle Will!
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