"Meta Forum Sleuth"

A weekly meta crossword created by members of the forum. Difficulty levels will vary. Hints are usually available starting Wednesday, and solutions are posted on Sunday.
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"Meta Forum Sleuth"


Post by Abide »

Good morning and welcome to another Muggle Meta Monday!

The meta answer is a literary detective.




Also available to solve online at www.crosshare.org HERE

Prize puzzle: Submit your answer by PM before Saturday at 10pm eastern. Randomly drawn winner wins their choice of a Fireball baseball cap or book of NY Sun puzzles.
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Post by Meg »

Sure hope I’m right about this one! If so, it’s a lovely strategy. Awaiting confirmation.
Off the sofa!
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Post by cbarbee002 »

The knitters will be pleased!
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Post by Schmeel »

I do believe I'm off the couch, pending confirmation.
Excellent meta - @Abide, you're a magician. Maybe even a genie.
Thanks for the puzzle!
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Bird Lives
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Post by Bird Lives »

Off the couch, I think. Awaiting confirmation with a smile on my face. An inspired puzzle, I just didn't know what the inspiration was till I followed 60A.
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Wendy Walker
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Post by Wendy Walker »

Good luck, fellow Muggles! I'm happy to give nudges, but only if you're still stuck on Sunday. Just send me a PM and tell me what you've tried so far.
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Post by Hector »

Nice, Peter, thanks!
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Post by boharr »

Answer to this very sneaky one has been submitted.

EDIT: Confirmed. I am off the couch. Thanks, Peter.
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Post by Cindy »

Now that was cool!

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Post by MamaE »

That was adorable! Off the couch! Loved it - Kudos to @Abide!
- Just puzzling it out here in Delmarva :D
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Post by LesY »

Oh that was quite an invention! Well done, Peter!
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Post by MikeM000 »

Well there you have it!
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Post by oldjudge »

Great job Peter—-creative and lots of fun. Pretty sure I have the correct solution-confirmed.
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Post by KayW »

:couch_and_lamp: submitted. Wowza.
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Post by ChrisKochmanski »

Off the couch!

With a bit of a nudge.

Now that’s … meta!

Very amusing!
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Joe Ross
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Post by Joe Ross »

Great, we're off the couch. When I wake up, I'll get myself out of this bag:

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Post by hcbirker »

Waiting for confirmation but 60 A made me laugh!
Laura M
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Post by Laura M »

Ha, got it! 60A was enough confirmation. Excellent!
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Post by RPardoe »

Solved (and confirmed)
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Post by dudeski »

Got it. Cool puzzle.
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