The End of Days

A weekly meta crossword created by members of the forum. Difficulty levels will vary. Hints are usually available starting Wednesday, and solutions are posted on Sunday.
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Bird Lives
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The answer is DAILIES

Since the last update, six additional solvers checked in,..
46 Scott M
47 barbee002
48 Snood
49 eagle1279
50 SewYoung
51 Cindy N

. . .some on Saturday, some Thursday, in addition to the early Monday and Tuesday solvers.
Those days, and the other three, are the key to the meta. The answer is DAILIES. Each of the theme entries contained the three-letter abbreviation for a day of the week. The letters just after the end of the day spelled out the solution.
Days 500.jpg
Thanks to everyone for the kind comments.
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Finally pushed off the couch after all those nudges.

EDITED: Didn't see that the solution had already posted. I also spotted a curious coincidence: if you arrange these letters according the the calendar order of days, starting with Mon, you spell out IS IDEAL
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Printed this one off by mistake ( meant to hit THIS week’s), but I did it anyway because I missed it last week. Fun one!
The other Wendy. :roll:
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