The End of Days

A weekly meta crossword created by members of the forum. Difficulty levels will vary. Hints are usually available starting Wednesday, and solutions are posted on Sunday.
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Bird Lives
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The End of Days


Post by Bird Lives »

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the MMM waters, it’s me again, two weeks in a row. Apologies if this is getting tedious. I know little of what goes on in the editorial machinations of the x-muggles powers that be. Your guess is as good as mine, and mine is that the current bottom-scraping indicates that the barrel is essentially empty. In other words, as the title of the puzzle suggests, we are approaching the end of days.

Here are the links:

The End of Days.puz

The End of Days.pdf

The End of Days.xlsx

The answer is a word used in newspaper and film business,
PM me your answer.
Difficulty level: 2.5 (but that’s just a guess).

[UPDATE} An alert reader, far alerter than the constructor, has pointed out two typos in the clues.
The corrected clues are:

18A Like some meatballs or a Muppet chef
23D Joyce’s great novella
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Post by KayW »

:couch_and_lamp: Nice one!
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Post by Schmeel »

The end is here - arisen from the eschatalogical couch.
Fun puzzle!
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Post by RPardoe »

Solved and submitted.
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Post by MamaE »

Off the sofa….feeling the after effects from a rough End of Week, meta-wise. Oof!😜
- Just puzzling it out here in Delmarva :D
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Post by Meg »

Solved and sent in. Feeling pretty confident. Nicely done.
edit: and we’re good.
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Post by BrennerTJ »

Off the 🛋.
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Beth Tyrpin
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Post by Beth Tyrpin »

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Post by Dannyvee »

I deny Evan screwed up. (8)
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Post by Hector »

Interesting grid and well-executed meta.
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Post by boharr »

Got a late start but got off the couch quickly. Fun puzzle.
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Post by ImOnToo »

Off the couch!
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Post by Cinny »

Off the couch! Nice beginning to this week's puzzles.
Cindy Heisler
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Post by Cindy »

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Post by DrTom »

Solved I believe, got lost in some rabbit holes but went back to BirdLives instructions to me last week..."I'm a simple man and I make simple METAs" Now I'm not sure that is true but I certainly found this one after I simplified it.

Oh, and I especially love the references that are distinctly "old school". If many of our younger audience stumbled on KILROY or the Alabama song, then "Show me the way to the next Meta clue...."

CONFIRMED - off the couch, guess I'd better go fire up the grill. Enjoyable puzzle
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Post by oldjudge »

Off the couch. Fun, easy meta. Probably more a 1.5. Loved the clue for 59D. Thanks Jay!
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Post by fuggedabowdit »

OTC and submitted - enjoyed the puzzle - another great job Jay!
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Dave C
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Post by Dave C »

Off the couch and confirmed. Agree - for me it was easier than a week 2.5.
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Post by hcbirker »

Off the couch!
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Tom Mueller
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Post by Tom Mueller »

Off the couch! Thank you for a another fun puzzle, Jay!
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