Variety Cryptic #8: “I Had No Idea” by Steve Mossberg

Enter if you dare!
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Richard B.
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Variety Cryptic #8: “I Had No Idea” by Steve Mossberg


Post by Richard B. »

Absolutely wonderful variety cryptic. Nice work, Mr. Mossberg! ... d-no-idea/
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Post by Meg »

Wonderful and not a walk in the park!
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Post by RPardoe »

A new setter means a mental workout as I get used to their cluing style. Great fun!
Got luck in that the unclued central entry fell early for me helping with the rest of the solve.
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Naptown Kid
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Post by Naptown Kid »

I was definitely challenged by Mr. Mossberg’ s clung style, but made the finish line. I was very impressed by the intertwining of 15-A and 31-A. Can’t remember ever seeing that before. I got the unclued entry earlyish but still slogged. Still and all, very entertaining. Well done.
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