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Please come in and say hello and tell us something about yourself.
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jbird wrote: Fri Oct 08, 2021 1:58 pm Hello All,
My name is Jason. I live in Maryland with my wife and two children. I've been doing crosswords for some time now. I always remember seeing my grandmother doing crosswords growing up and would always try and fill in the blanks for the clues she didn't solve. I started doing them on my own shortly after she passed away. I started out with WaPo crosswords and recently started doing cryptics. I think I mainly do these puzzles to help calm some of my anxieties.

I found this community when I started doing the MMM puzzles. I solved my first meta last month and thought that gave me enough credibility to join the group!

Jason -- first welcome to the group. It is always great to have new people.

next thing - you do not need credibility to join. This is the most nonjudgmental group you will ever find. We are all here to have fun, to learn and to help others learn. Over the years we have found that no matter what mistakes or wrong turns you make (we call them rabbit holes), there are many more doing the same thing. One of the great thing about the forum is that you can send a private message to any other muggle with any question and you will get pointers to get you in the right direction. That is true whether it is the WSJ contest, MGWCC, MMM or any other. One of the great thing about the MMM is that they are done by muggles and periodically there are clues or answers that reference muggles.

Under Come Aboard/FAQ's community there is a wealth of good stuff everything from the past WSJ contests with answers, to some of our terms and phrases to guidance on how to ask for hints/nudges

Again if there are any questions you have please feel free to ask

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My name is Stephen and I live in Denver, CO with wife. We are expecting our first child in November, gender will be a surprise! I am the VP of Accounting for a software company and my wife is an engineering tech for an O&G company. I like to play chess, go, ride my bike (road), golf, ski, run, hike and all the other Colorado things… I started attempting crossword puzzles about 2-3 weeks ago and am still getting the hang of it but I am enjoying the challenge. I like the idea of the contest puzzles and I’m hoping to learn a bit more about them through this forum.

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