Plea to Help Girl Scouts

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Plea to Help Girl Scouts


Post by JoeS »

My name is Joe Sherrill, known here as JoeS and a newbie Muggle as of January. I am posting here to make sure that Muggles are aware of a nationwide program that was rolled out this week to sell Girl Scout Cookies online. Ordinarily an activity that is strictly a troop responsibility, Girl Scouts USA took this unprecedented step because social distancing restrictions effectively shut down the annual GS Cookie Program across the US. Different parts of the country open their season at different times so that the bakers’ supply is spread across several weeks. Unfortunately, for many troops, sales were shut down by the necessity of respecting social distancing protocols. Cookie booths at grocery stores and other commercial venues were cancelled, girls can no longer sell house to house, and local troops are left holding the inventory. As a troop cookie manager in the greater Houston area, I am painfully aware of the impact here. Collectively, troops are holding over 384,000 packages of unsold cookies, upwards of $2,000,000 in potential sales. It is unknown if or when booth sales and walkabouts may continue. These cookie sales are the major funding source for many troops, that allow the girls to have a robust experience in Girl Scouts, and to pay the bills for their regional council. My troop sold all our cookies already, so we will not directly benefit from this program. But many other troops across the nation are holding 1000s of packages of cookies in living rooms and bedrooms they cannot otherwise move, and we want to help them out.
There are two ways to purchase cookies online. One is to go to ... uy-cookies and enter your zip code. You may then select cookies that are direct ship to your address, or you may donate to Cookies4Heros. A troop randomly selected in or near your zip code will receive the proceeds from the sale. These sales do not reduce troop cookie supply, will help with their sales shortfall.
Another way to order is to go to ... ogram.html. This is the website for the regional council in the Houston area (San Jacinto area). Select “Cookies+”, and then “Find Cookies” You then have the option to buy or donate, but there are further choices to buy out a cookie booth, have a troop deliver to your door (once social distancing restrictions are lifted), direct ship to you, or you can chose to donate to organizations of your choice. A troop with current inventory is randomly selected in the San Jacinto area to receive the proceeds from the sale. Most of you don’t live in Texas, but some other regional councils have established similar websites you can Google.
A donation is a great way to show gratitude towards first responders and our frontline medical help now. And these purchases allow Girl Scouts USA to help specific troops whose sales have been severely impacted. These online sales are planned through April 26 for now.

It can also be quite stimulating to munch a Thin Mint as you struggle with a meta, and when you’re done, celebrate with another one and wash it down with a Guinness. ;)
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Post by Hidden in 3D »

Hi Joe!
Thanks so much for posting this! My daughters are in their 30s now, but I was cookie mom for both of their troops for several years. I had not even thought about the fact that Covid-19 would make such an impact on this annual rite! I appreciate your reminder - I went straight to our local council to order. The most impressive statement in your post is your last sentence. How in the world can you stop after only two Thin Mints?!!!
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Post by MajordomoTom »

do what I did when the girls came around (roughly 1-2 months ago, before the lockdowns) ...

I gave them enough for 4 or 5 boxes but said "NO COOKIES" - and they were happy with that.

The organization is good, I don't like the cookies (not wanting to start a war here). So ... donate and donate the cookies to a food pantry.
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Post by BarbaraK »

Earlier this year, I bought some cookies figuring I'd put them in the pilot's lounge at our local airport. That's always a good place to get rid of any extra food.

But first, I opened a box to eat one or two myself. Then a couple more. And more. And before I knew it, they were all gone and none made it to the airport. Maybe next year.
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Post by Al Sisti »

Okay, here's my Girl Scout cookie story. I looked at the side of the box of Tagalongs, and it said "serving size: 2 Cookies." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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