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Hitchcock Conference


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Being a Hitchcock fanatic since childhood (MANY years ago), I'm naturally signed up for this online conference, https://www.hitchcon.org/, coming up on October 1-3. As I recall, I've exchanged PMs with people here re: Hitchcock movies, so I thought I'd share this, in case anyone else is interested. Only $25, and I know they have room for more attendees.

Hitchcon was originally going to be both live (at this cool place on Cape Cod: https://www.hitchcon.org/attend) and via Zoom, but now it's only Zoom due to Covid.

The speakers truly are the current heavy hitters of Hitchcock scholarship, which is both fantastic and maybe a little scary, in that some sessions may get quite wonky. Really, the only big name missing is Ken Mogg, who runs this wild and crazy Hitchcock site: https://hitchinfo.net/main.html (Ken is in Australia, so I can understand why he wasn't planning to be there in person. But couldn't he Zoom in? Though for him it would be the middle of the night, right?)

The interest in The Master only seems to grow!
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