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Authors to Know!


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Given the raging debate over certain authors and the blinding realization that we are flawed mortals who perhaps don’t know everything, present company excepted of course, I figured it’s time for some perhaps less well known author recommendations! Let’s use our energy productively to read more in case their names show up in a meta!

I’ll go first:

Friedrich Duerrenmatt - a swiss mystery writer whose protagonist is a retired policeman

Jen Risher - a new novelist who writes about tech affluence and its discontents

Jill Nelson - New York author and former journalist for Essence and The Washington Post who writes about social issues.

Studs Terkel - likely less well known to younger folks, but check out his book Hard Times about the Great Depression.

Gwendolyn Parker - Southern author who wrote about her experience at large law firms and American Express.

Ingrid Hughes - wrote about 1970s West Village and losing her son to schizophrenia
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Apsley Cherry-Garrard -- His THE WORST JOURNEY IN THE WORLD is one of the best books about early Antarctic exploration and almost certainly the best written. (There is speculation that his family friend and neighbor, George Bernard Shaw, did some editing.)
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Patrick Rothfuss
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Barbara Pym
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