Video On How To Do Crosswords

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Video On How To Do Crosswords


Post by GlennG » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:20 am

I'm working on some videos. More or less I'm trying to explain crosswords on a level that might help someone that's struggling with Monday or Tuesday puzzles. Can I get some feedback on the first one?

More or less I'm wondering if I'm explaining things adequately, if I'm getting too wordy or not enough, and so on. Biggest reason why I wanted to do this is try to have a good explanation that doesn't pull a "draw a circle, now draw the rest of the owl" kind of thing. I'm looking to go through some other puzzles in the same way too, if they illustrate some things that might be useful to explain.

Any help would be appreciated on whether I'm on the right track doing this or not, so it'd be useful.

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