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Happy New Year

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 8:12 pm
by Jacksull
My resolution for 2021 is the same as 2020’s: An improved solve percentage for the WSJ and MG crossword contests.

I was unsuccessful with the WSJ, dropping from 39-13 to 35-17, but improved from 33-19 to 35-17 with MG. The downfall was the six weeks from Oct 2 to Nov 6 when I was 1 for 6 for WSJ and 3 for 6 for MG.

By constructor, it was Matt 17-9, Mike 13-8, and guest 5-0.

The goal is 39-13 for each contest.

Win or lose, enjoyment with the puzzles is enhanced by reading and participating in these boards. Thanks all of those who contribute to the experience.