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crossword twitch streams


Post by FrankieHeck » Mon May 18, 2020 11:15 am

I've been finding myself tuning in to watch these folks solve puzzles, and thought I'd share. If you follow the channel, you get email alerts when they go live. And there's a chat where people help give suggestions, ask questions, etc. These are the guys who do the Fill Me In podcast. Every Wednesday at 7 pm (East Coast) they solve a cryptic or two online, and it's a lot of fun. I've only watched Foggy a couple times. Last week he was doing a cryptic that was WAY beyond my skills. As I type, he's doing one by the famous JanglerNP, who is in the chat! This is a young guy who blasts through a bunch of daily crosswords at 6 pm while listening to music. But he also does some metas, so you might get spoilers on those days. Which could be good or bad, depending. Last time I tuned in, he was looking for more followers. I've only watched him a time or two, but I've done some of his puzzles. I think he might have written a meta that we did.

Edited to add some additional information: You can watch the streams and type comments (or just lurk) for free. You can watch them live, or many you can watch the recordings of. You can also follow channels for free, and the hosts appreciate that. I believe following allows you to get a notification any time the channel goes live. You can also pay to subscribe to a channel. Honestly not sure what the benefit of that is. The host appreciate it because they get a small amount of money for each subscription, I guess. I avoid spending any money for stuff like this, but I do have Amazon Prime, and that lets you follow one Twitch channel for free each month. Not sure I can recall exactly how I claimed mine, but it couldn't have been too challenging if I figured it out.

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